Belle Marjorie Goldstein Newman was born on April 24, 1921 to Lillian and Samuel Goldstein.

Growing up in New York City she played with her brother, Jack Goldstein and her dear friend, Charlotte Weinstein, who remained a close friend along with her husband, Alvin (Obbie) Weinstein, throughout their lives.

She never learned to ride a bicycle, but was an excellent student, an avid reader, and loved chocolate!

At the age of 21 she met and soon married William Hyman Newman of Fall River, Massachusetts. They settled in Queens, NY to raise a family of three children (Teri, Robert and Susan). They were happily married for 51 years and traveled together to various countries around the world.

For many years Belle worked at Mutual of New York in Queens, NY as a secretary.

Through the years of living in Queens, NY and Point Pleasant, NJ, she loved to paint, go to pottery classes, and create original needlepoints. Some were framed pictures and some were pillows.



William Hyman Newman was born on July 17, 1912 to Rose and John Newman in Fall River, Massachusetts. Growing up with his three brothers (Samuel, Benjamin and Morris) and his sister (Ann) he helped out in the family grocery store.

On many weekends he and his brothers and friends would go to New York City, and upstate New York, to go to social events and dances. At one of those events he met a lovely young woman by the name of Belle from New York City. He courted Belle for the next 3 months and they were soon married.

William served in World War 2 as a sargeant and medic. When he returned home after the Battle of the Bulge and end of the war, they picked up their life in Queens, NY.

Throughout his career, William worked as an accountant for various textile companies in New York City.

As a young man fascinated with drawing and painting, he attented Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design to study his craft. His favorite medium was pen and ink. He continued to create pieces well into his 80s.

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